Meet Mbongeni

If you've seen a performance in the last two months you may have noticed the "one man band" often has a second member involved. People have been asking where he comes from so here's the story.

Mbongeni Makhaye and I met at my church(Open Skies Kloof) while he was doing the internship program. I'd just started writing my own songs, this was end of 2019 and the church had kindly offered me their studio as a space to record and learn production. Anyways we spent a decent amount of time together and became friends, he had an interest in music so I gave some guidance on potential courses he could pursue etc.

Fastforward 2 years and I was struggling to keep up with my admin and performance schedule so I asked if he'd like to help manage my bookings. He did this for about a year. He then jumped in to help film a video or two doing some percussion and adding some vibe. People started to love having his face on the screen and the chemistry we had and added elements he brought. Eventually a client asked specifically to book both of us for a gig as they needed a racially diverse act. Pressure was on as he'd only done percussion on one or two tracks but we bought a drum sampler and got cracking.

Long story short he killed it and our chemistry came naturally as he integrated as a drummer into my looping system. He's made the lonely stage a much more exciting warm place for me and I hope to see us achieve much together as we continue to jam.


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